Writing LibreOffice macros in BASIC

I had the questionable pleasure of needing to write some LibreOffice macros. This gave me some WTF moments that I will share here, in the hope that it will save a future reader some agonising moments Googling these problems. BASIC runtime error. Argument is not optional. This happens when you press “Run BASIC” (or F5)… Continue reading Writing LibreOffice macros in BASIC

Roundcube and X-notifier revisited

A couple of years ago I updated the X-notifier script for Roundcube to support multiple mailboxes. (Original post.) There was still an annoying bug in it: whenever the session expired the script wouldn’t recover. Lately that’s been bugging me more than usual. So, I figured I’d fix it. Related posts: Roundcube and X-notifier Roundcube and… Continue reading Roundcube and X-notifier revisited

Roundcube and Google Contacts

One of the reasons I use Roundcube is that when I was shopping for a webmail client, there was a plugin that provided Google Contacts integration. Unfortunately, that plugin hasn’t been updated for over a year and it has rate limiting issues. So, when upgrading my Roundcube installation to 0.8.4 I decided it had to… Continue reading Roundcube and Google Contacts